May 8, 2024 A Nonogram Game Using Yew and SVG

Warning: js/wasm, bright screen even in dark mode :)

Among the abandonded project graveyard on my computer I found this nonogram game (›wikipedia). It is a WebAssembly-based single page application using Yew that manipulates an SVG element to render the playing board. I found it funny how Yew as a web app framework is able to modify the individual elements within the SVG element.

The game allows to set, solve, and share nonograms. In setting mode, left click cells or drag rectangles to mark cells, right click cells or right-click-drag to unmark. The hints are generated automatically while setting. In solving mode, left click paints a cell, either black or red if incorrect. Right click will mark a cell as known-free (gray X). Known-free cells cannot accidentally be painted. There is no scoring and no indication when the puzzle is fully solved.

›Game source on GitHub

Click ›here if the iframe below does not work (very bright)